Riot has released details for the Valorant Challengers Hong Kong/Taiwan, a leg of the Valorant Champions Tour circuit that will play out this year.

Play will begin with an open qualifier on January 30 and January 31, with the actual Challengers' bracket beginning a week later on February 5. There will then be two more rounds following this first set, in which a weekend with an open qualifier followed by a weekend for the Challengers' bracket will be played after a one week break. The top four finishers in any given Challengers' bracket will get an automatic invite to the next Challengers' bracket.

While the first open qualifier will be between 24 teams, four of which will be invited and have bye-rounds, the following open qualifiers will include 32 teams. All of the matches in the qualifiers will be Bo1s.

The Challengers' brackets will be eight-team tournaments with Bo3s in the quarterfinals and semifinals and a Bo5 in the grand final. In the first two rounds, the winners will win $2,000 USD from a $5,000 USD prize pool, but the prizing will be bumped up for the final round and the winners can take home $4,000 USD from a $10,000 USD prize pool. Additionally, there will be prizing for individual awards: $1,000 USD for a Stage MVP award and $1,000 USD for a Stage Superstar award.

The release made no mention of the Challengers finals, which Riot's previous announcement of the Valorant Champions Tour mentioned would determine qualification for the next leg of the circuit: Valorant Masters.

This tournament will be a fully online event.