TNL Esports TNL Esports Inactive TS Yu Tae-seok (유태석) exy Park Geun-cheol (박근철) JinboongE Kim Jin-won (김진원) Meteor Kim Tae-O (김태오) ' roster has separated after 13 months, putting an end to one of Korea's longest-standing top roster.

Quantum Strikers Quantum Strikers Inactive Efina Kim Nak-yeon (김낙연) TS Yu Tae-seok (유태석) GODLIKE Lee Seo-ha (이서하) exy Park Geun-cheol (박근철) eKo Yeom Wang-ryong (염왕룡) formed in June 2020, but only became part of TNL in late November 2020. Upon joining the organization, TNL quickly became one of the top rosters of South Korea with a second-place finish in First Strike.

TNL were one of only six teams to attend every major regional event in Korea. In Stage 1: Masters, the team was unable to exit the group stage, losing their group's decider 2-0 to NUTURN. TNL returned for Stage 2: Challengers. This time, they reached the playoffs but were eliminated in the quarterfinals to NUTURN, eventual winners.

TNL's final VCT outing was Stage 3: Challengers. The South Korean squad was able to go as far as the semifinals, where they lost to Vision Strikers 2-0. They finished 2021 in fifth place on the regional VCT standings, just shy of a slot in the APAC LCQ. TNL closed out the year with a near-flawless run in the National ShotVAL Pride, which they closed out with a 3-2 win over VVS in the grand finals.

In a Facebook post, TNL said the team separated due to "internal circumstances."

The following players and coach are now free:

  • Yu "TS" Tae-seok (유태석)
  • Park "exy" Geun-cheol (박근철)
  • Kim "JinboongE" Jin-won (김진원)
  • Kim "Meteor" Tae-O (김태오)
  • Lee "bail" Sung-jae (이성재) (Head coach)