Engin "MAJ3R" Kupeli, Engin "ngiN" Kor, Ahmet "Paz" Karahoca, and Canpolat "hardstyle" Yildiran have announced their transition to Valorant after departing Sangal Esports CS:GO.

Canpolat Yildiran
We are looking for an org to represent in VALORANT as a team:
coach: hardstyle
We will decide on 5th once we have fixed roles.
If you are interested in highly motivated team with experience dm or contact via yildirancan@gmail.com

The four are accompanied by Beyazit "beyAz" Körpe, who previously played for Sangal Esports Sangal Esports Inactive E5N Enes Erdoğan Unity Cihan Seferoğlu beyAz Beyazit Körpe lurzy0y0 Ibrahim Sandıkcı Kipperman Taylan Toprakçı Valorant, but also with teams like Megastitut Megastitut Inactive Goaster Tony Richard SHIN Ryad Ensaad beyAz Beyazit Körpe iDex Sammy Van de Weghe , StartedFromCS StartedFromCS Inactive Happy Vincent Schopenhauer Ex6TenZ Kévin Droolans Maniac Mathieu Quiquerez beyAz Beyazit Körpe AKUMAAAAA Alex Lo Bello , and L'institut L'institut Inactive keloqz Cista Wassim Twenee1 Mickael Annequin VlaDéDé Romain Mieudonnet iDex Sammy Van de Weghe liptoNNN in France.

MAJ3R and his teammates are leaving CS:GO after having played together on Space Soldiers, a team under which they attended two majors: ELEAGUE Boston and FACE-IT London 2018. They met again in 2020 on Sangal, where beyAz was also present as a sub. With their last roster, they won the Turkish national championship.

The lineup currently is: