Riot have unveiled the seeding and bracket of the North American Last Chance Qualifier in a blog post on the Valorant site.

The event will play in a 10-team double-elimination bracket, with two "play-in" matches played in the Upper Round 1, which then seed into the high-seed upper quarterfinal matches.

The opening matchups for the qualifier as such:

While match dates were included with the announcement, the exact schedule is expected to be announced in the coming week alongside the broadcast talent list. The match dates notably omit the first two rounds of the lower bracket.

The qualifier marks the tail-end of the Champions Tour in North American and Oceania, following nearly 10 months of play across the three stages. With a team from the region failing to qualify for Champions through Masters Berlin, only one more team will have the privilege of joining Envy and Sentinels again in Berlin for the final VCT event of 2021.

Masters alumni 100 Thieves and Version1 are both seeded into the upper quarterfinals that link with the two play-in matches in the Upper Round 1. Notably, ORDER have been seeded into the bracket as #5, with their Oceanic runner-ups Chiefs set in last as seed #10.

The event will notably feature the first teams to seed into the Champions Tour from an Oceanic event, with the other notable Oceanic contender Soniqs having been competing in North America since April.

The North American Last Chance Qualifier will run from October 12 to October 17.