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i press on his stream by accident and hes playing skye on stream(game on split) . this is gonna sound stupid but do you think tenz-jett shaz-skye sick-sage zombs-astra dapr-cypher would work for them on split? this is def a hot take.


I could see it working, but maybe instead of cypher dapr learns viper? I like double controller (astra viper) on split and you can play viper like a sentinel. Also keep in mind the next time they play there could possibly be nerfs/buffs so the current meta could become completely obsolete


He also said on stream that he offered to play skye for them but tenz didnt want to play jett on split and sick was like he would play skye and not raze.
And he said hes playing skye cuz its broken bnot becuz he wanna practise it

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