Riot has announced First Strike: North America featuring a $100,000 prize pool, the largest in Valorant to-date. The event will be run in partnership with Nerd Street Gamers and Engine Media.

The First Strike: NA Qualifiers are almost here! The competition will begin on October 26 with our first open, 128-team tournament, produced by @nerdstgamers.

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Nerd Street Gamers plays host regularly to title North American events, including the T1 x NSG Showdown Ignition Series event and most recently the Renegades x NSG Invitational.

Two open qualifiers will be held starting on October 26 and November 11 and run by Nerd Street Gamers and Engine Media respectively.

The first qualifier will be played in two stages; the first, a 128-team tournament, will feed 16 teams into the next in which the top four teams will advance directly to the main event. The next four teams will qualify directly for the second stage of the second qualifier.

The second qualifier will mirror the two-stage format of the first, but with only 12 teams moving on to the second stage. These 12 teams will join the 4th-8th place teams from the first qualifier to determine the final four qualifying teams for the main event.

The main event will be held on December 3 and run through December 6.

Signups for the first qualifier on October 26 are now open.