Sicko Mode Sicko Mode Inactive has joined Inactive , confirming the addition of Jose Luis " koldamenta " Aranguren as the fifth. The Spanish organization is well-known in CS:GO and League of Legends.

Movistar Riders
Muchos lo estabais esperando 😏

Damos la bienvenida a la familia a @dragunovCS, @scarxcs, @Kiles71, @koldamnt y a @doAmfps. ¡Nuestro nuevo equipo de @VALORANTes! 😎



Sicko Mode has performed consistently in the Spanish scene, placing second in Desafío Legión behind ex-Giants Gaming ex-Giants Gaming Inactive Fit1nho Adolfo Gallego Yurii Salvador Gasco donQ Francesc Savall jonba Jon Baraiazarra eXerZ Miguel Marín and recently qualifying for the NGL Open Cup and Legion Defiance Cup.

Koldamenta joins from Project SW Project SW Inactive Leodeddz Leo Nilsson iDex Sammy Van de Weghe Khegasi Adam Benaouadi Hqrdest Jeremy Danton PetitSkel Julien Marcantoni and is now officially the Movistar's final player following the departure of hastack . He most recently participated in LVL Clash 2 and the Aim Lab Community Cup.

The team is set to participate in LVP Genesis Cup Viento, NGL Open Cup, and Legion Defiance Cup, which begins today.

Inactive is now: