Riot has released details for Turkey's First Strike Event, set to begin with open qualifiers on October 22 and ending with the main event on December 3-6.

The region regularly pulls in substantial viewership, particularly in competitions featuring Turkish teams.

Turkey is set to receive its own First Strike event

Four open qualifiers will be held, each as a double-elimination bracket with a 512-team cap. Matches will be Bo1 until the round of 16, from which matches will be Bo3 onwards.

The top two teams from each qualifier will advance to the main event, which will feature eight teams in a double-elimination, Bo3 bracket.

The dates for the four open qualifiers are:

  • Qualifier 1: October 22-28
  • Qualifier 2: November 3-8
  • Qualifier 3: November 10-15
  • Qualifier 4: November 17-22