Oceanic tournament organizer Fortress Melbourne has announced two open qualifiers for
Rise of Valour, the main qualifier for the region's First Strike event.

Fortress Melbourne
#RiseofValour is the road to #FirstStrike in Oceania, with @PlayVALORANT teams competing for the global spotlight.
→ $20,000 Prize Pool
→ Free Entry
→ Registration to qualify closes from Oct 22

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The two open qualifiers will be held on the weekends of October 24 and October 31 and will share the following format:

  • Day 1: Bo1 Swiss group stage, top 16 advance
  • Day 2: Bo3 double-elimination stage, top 8 teams qualify immediately; losing 8 teams play another Bo3 to determine the last 4 that qualify

The open-qualifying teams will join Riot's invited teams to compete in the Rise of Valour event, which will run from November 14-29 with the following format:

  • Swiss stage: Bo1 Swiss groups, 3 losses results in elimination, top 16 advance
  • Group stage: Four Bo3 GSL groups, top 2 from each qualify

The First Strike event will feature these final eight qualifying teams who will compete for their share of $20,000 on December 3-6.

Fortress Melbourne recently hosted Oceania's last Ignition Series event, Rise of Valour, which EXO Clan EXO Clan Oceania Rank #1 Crunchy Ethan Laker dizzyLife Kyran Crombie iyen Iyen Raju pl1xx Chris Li Bob Bob Tran decidedly won over previous Ignition Series winners Team Launch Team Launch Inactive Texta Matthew O’Rourke wizard Travis Richardson DickStacy Oliver Tierney tucks Tyler Reilly ferg Fergus Stephenson .

Invited teams by Riot have not yet been announced.