With the Oceania Tour: Championship coming to a close, the Oceanic representatives of ORDER ORDER Oceania Rank #1 Texta Matthew O’Rourke tucks Tyler Reilly disk0 Cameron Mac Autumn Kale Dunne Maple Elvin Sun and PEACE PEACE Oceania Rank #2 koro Nation Joshua Penman tensai clutchyy Corbyn De Klerk wronski Michael Wronski Ciko Ben Easterbrook have booked their slots in the North American Last Chance Qualifier.

The two Oceanic teams, given no travel issues arise, will likely compete in the first Riot-sponsored LAN event on North American soil. Out of the cutthroat 12-team pool, only one team will proceed to Valorant Champions in Berlin.

ORDER — while not uncontested in Oceania — have made themselves out to be the best team in the region, filling the power vacuum left by Soniqs. The team were undefeated in the Oceania Tour: Championship, only dropping two maps to PEACE in the grand final.

But PEACE still reserve themselves a piece of the Oceanic pie, proving to be one of the most formidable teams in the region after the roster signed with the LCO organization in late June. PEACE previously met ORDER in the grand finals of the Oceania Tour: Stage 3 grand finals, and were eliminated by ORDER in the lower bracket final of the Oceania Tour: Stage 2.

The team list for the North American Last Chance Qualifier is now:

The final team in the NA Last Chance Qualifier now depends on the final result of Masters Berlin, as the winning team of the event will directly qualify to Champions and effectively relinquish their spot in the VCT Points Circuit.

Sentinels are poised to take their second world championship title, which would qualify another team for North America and give TSM the final slot for the qualifier.