FUT vs KOI (Players League Performances)


Every one will get KD/ACS/RATING + (Duelist: FKPR/FDPR, Ini/Flex: KAST/APR, Smoker: KAST/CL%, Sentinels: KAST/KPR)

cNed vs kamo
Rating: C=1.15, K=0.93
ACS: C=238.6, K=211.9
KD: C=1.25, K=0.91
FKPR: C=0.15, K=0.19
FDPR: C=0.14, K=0.18
cNed 4-1 kamo

MrFaliN vs ShadoW
Rating: M=1.09, S=0.89
ACS: M=206.2, S=161.1
KD: M=1.05, S=0,79
KAST: M=75%, S=66%
APR: M=0.38, S=0.28
MrFaliN 5-0 ShadoW

qRaxs vs Starxo
Rating: Q=1.09, S=0.99
ACS: Q=202.4, S=190.3
KD: Q=1.10, S=0.93
KAST: Q=73%, S=75%
APR: Q=0.36, S=0.48
qRaxs 3-2 Starxo

AtaKaptan vs grubinho
Rating: A=0.92, G=1.03
ACS: A=176.7, G=192.2
KD: A=0.83, G=0.97
KAST: A=70%, G=78%
CL: A=16%, G=15%
AtaKaptan 1-4 grubinho

Yetujey vs sheydos
Rating: Y=1.04, S=1.01
ACS: Y=197.6, S=171.8
KD: Y=1.08, S=1.07
KAST: Y=0.70%, S=75%
KPR: Y=0.70 S=0.64
Yetujey 4-1 sheydos


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