News Almost Missed is back for its third consecutive week. Every week, we try to gather notable news from around the world that we weren't able to cover and package them all into one, concise article.

This week was much calmer than previous weeks outside the top tiers, as teams ready for Stage 3's Challengers 2. ez5 ez5 Inactive Kanpeki Eric Xu Paincakes Jake Hass gucc107 Dcop Carlo Delsol and VIRTUOSO VIRTUOSO North America Rank #25 EleyTY Zach Stauffer iKoniK Kaloyan Iliev Lin Alex Gariépy Apotheon Vincent Le snxper Louis Lama are the stand-out names from this week, with both teams involved in an incident during the PAX Arena "Almost Pro" Open.

Roster Changes

  • Giants have found two temporary names to fill the shoes of Ričardas "Boo" Lukaševičius and Michał "MOLSI" Łącki. Former EXCEL captain David "Davidp" Prins and Štěpán "Ambi" Beránek are standing-in for the Stage 3: Challengers 2 qualifier. Giants are yet to make it into a VCT Main Event, topping out in the Stage 3: Challengers 1 qualifier, where they reached the top eight.
  • According to George Geddes of Upcomer, Andbox are negotiating with XSET for the organization's former captain Zander "thwifo" Kim. The deal's state is reportedly incomplete, as thwifo is still tied to XSET. The New York-based organization are looking to sign their new fifth prior to Stage 3: Challengers 2 following the recent release of Sebastian "seb" Bucki.
  • Vision Strikers have announced Kim "Zest" Ki-seok has temporarily stepped down from the roster due to health issues. The Korean player has not been seen in the server with Vision Strikers during Stage 3.
  • Speaking of Vision Strikers, Kim "Lakia" Jong-min (김종민) has finally played in an official with the team, two weeks after rejoining the organization, replacing Goo "Rb" Sang-Min (구상민) on the Sova for the match.


Matches to watch

Other News

  • Riot has added another tournament series to the Game Changers circuit. Gen.G Gen.G North America Rank #9 MkaeL Michael De Luca gMd Anthony Guimond koosta Kenneth Suen NaturE Nicholas Garrison Shawn Shawn O'Riley has partnered with Galorants, the largest female community in the game with over 13,000 members, to produce a series of VCT Game Changers Academy Tournaments through 2021. It's the second partnership between both entities, having organized the women-only Proving Grounds in June 2021. Their first tournament runs from July 30 to August 1 - you can sign-up and get more information on the Galorants Discord.
  • Drama ensued in NA during the PAX Arena - Almost Pro Open. Both ez5 and VIRTUOSO were invited to play the tournament, but after tournament admins realized ez5's Carlo "Dcop" Delsol was a Mexican citizen, the player was disqualified as only American and Canadian players were allowed. ez5 refused to play with their sub and VIRTUOSO, in a humble show of competitive spirit, withdrew from the tournament. The Pittsburgh Knights put together a streamed showmatch between the teams. The PAX tournament final will be held July 17 between the two remaining lower bracket teams.
  • This week also saw the first disciplinary action against a VCT Game Changers team. besties besties North America Rank #0 wetboosy were found to be sharing accounts during the qualifier. Although the squad refused to cooperate, tournament officials found several pieces of incriminating evidence. Among these, an unregistered account in the pre-game lobby and recordings of the team asking "What is the password?". It was found the unregistered account had been logged onto from "across North America", triggering their disqualification and the admittance to account sharing. The women have been banned from VCT Game Changers for 18 months (12 for ringing and an additional six months for not cooperating). The full ruling can be found here.
  • Crosshair profiles might be coming to Valorant. ValorLeaks tweeted that players "will be able to save and store crosshairs for later use" and also "create copies of the profile." Players will be able to store up to ten different crosshairs so you can customize to your heart's content.

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