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Honest question. Aside from the lack of integrity of stream sniping, I personally find it really hard to blame someone for doing so.

Every athlete plays for a competitive advantage, and if a streamer who wants to make money and content feels that they want to broadcast their games has every right and reason. They also have the option to put delays, but when you have zero delay and get upset when you are publicly allowing everyone to watch your streams seems pretty petty to me.

Yeah the person sniping lacks integrity, then put a delay. If you don't want to put a delay and let the whole world watch your stream; like too bad, its comp not a sanctioned event.


Sometimes a delay isn't enough. But yeah, it is petty of those who complain about it but do nothing to stop it.


streamers don't like using a delay because it makes it harder to interact with their chat. Having a competitive advantage and cheating are two completely different things. Stream sniping is the equivalent to what the Houston Astros did of using technology to read signs. reading signs is a part of baseball and can give you a competitive advantage. Reading signs is usually done by a runner on second base and can still be considered un-sportsman like but it's to gain a competitive advantage. But once you introduce technology into sign reading, like the Astros did, its cheating and not considered trying to gain a competitive advantage.


when pros losing they accuse the other team of streamsniping and thats an automatic reaction these days. its just a lame accusation since the people who lose hard while streaming think they actually die because the enemy know where hes at. thats so lame and bullshit and only 10yo children believe this trash accusations. in this game its obv what people do and where they stay usually. i mean you can lose a clutch round because of streamsniping but losing like 2:13 because of sniping? GTFO and git gud man! in a game that gives you every information you need. its so lame accusing other better teams of sniping. i mean try to snipe yourself someone and focus on playing fraging. they think its easy af... and many streamers have 20+ delay so losing to people who have information from before 20 seconds is lame af. it would sound better if they would accuse em of cheating instead of sniping. this game aint cheater free as people think.

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