The South Korean FPS legend's legacy isn't over yet, as Kim "glow" Min-soo (김민수) marks a return to Vision Strikers and takes up the coaching mantle.

Vision Strikers are expanding their coaching staff, which already includes Pyeon "termi" Seon-ho (편선호) and Kwon "Argency" Soon-woo (권순우), to include glow. "I felt that I was already doing a bit of coaching while being a veteran on the team, and I want to continue what I enjoy doing", he stated, feeling the need to return to the competitive FPS scene after announcing his retirement back in May.

glow joined the organization alongside the rest of the squad back in June 2020 after several years in professional CS:GO. Since then they climbed to the top of their region's Valorant, registering an unprecedented 102-win streak. For nearly a year straight, the team played several tournaments and official matches, but they faltered when it mattered most.

After Vision Striker's fall to NUTURN in Korea's Stage 2 Challengers semifinals, glow announced his retirement. "I think that this is the right time for me to retire", he justified himself, as many said goodbye to an FPS legend.

Some days after that, Vision Strikers brought on two new members - Yu "BuZz" Byung-chul (유병철) and Kim "MaKo" Myeong-gwan (김명관), both of them revered players in their region. Both these players and glow's coaching ability will debut in Stage 3 of VCT, whose dates are not yet announced.

Vision Strikers' active roster is still:

  • Kim "stax" Gu-taek
  • Goo "Rb" Sang-Min (구상민)
  • Lee "k1Ng" Seung-won
  • Kim "Zest" Ki-seok
  • Yu "BuZz" Byung-chul (유병철)
  • Kim "MaKo" Myeong Gwan

With glow as their most recent addition, their technical staff becomes:

  • Pyeon "termi" Seon-ho (Head coach)
  • Kim "glow" Min-soo (Coach)
  • Kwon "Argency" Soon-woo (Coach)