NUTURN NUTURN Inactive will represent South Korea at Masters: Reykjavík after besting DAMWON Gaming 3-0 in the grand final of Challengers Stage 2.

Despite the scoreline, the final was a hotly contested affair with successive 13-10, 13-11, and 13-11 results on Bind, Split, and Ascent.

DWG started with an early 6-0 lead in the series opener, but NUTURN quickly stopped the bleeding and ended the half at just a two-round deficit. NUTURN's own defense proved even more potent, leading them to close out Bind 13-10.

Defenders prevailed again on Split with both teams struggling to secure winning attacking rounds. However, heroics by Lakia at match point prevented an overtime and ended the map in NUTURN's favor.

A back-and-forth on Ascent eventually saw DWG in a familiar situation with their backs against the wall at 11-12, but again NUTURN came out on top as a hiding solo quickly dismantled DWG's final attempt on the B site.

Lakia secures a 4K and Split victory after a quick decision to push

But perhaps the bigger story here is the NUTURN's overall ascent to the top of the Korean scene.

Following a narrow loss to Vision Strikers in the grand final of Masters 1, NUTURN met their rivals once again in the semifinals of this event. This time, they convincingly defeated Vision Strikers, eliminating the team many believed to be Korea's top Iceland prospect from contention.

After today's win against DWG, NUTURN has qualified for Iceland in dominant fashion, finishing Challengers Stage 2 completely undefeated in both maps and matches.