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Aim is a very important aspect of any first-person shooter game, including Valorant. In order to aim well in the game, players need to have good hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, and the ability to predict the movements of their opponents. Additionally, players can improve their aim by practicing regularly, using in-game settings and aim assist features to their advantage, and experimenting with different controller or mouse and keyboard settings to find the setup that works best for them. Ultimately, the key to good aim in Valorant (or any other FPS game) is practice and dedication.


FNS is a professional Valorant player who has been a part of the competitive scene for several years. However, despite his experience and skill, he is widely regarded as one of the worst in-game leaders in professional Valorant.

One of the main reasons for FNS's poor reputation as an in-game leader is his lack of strategic vision. He often makes poor decisions and fails to see the bigger picture, which can lead to costly mistakes and defeats for his team.

In addition to his lack of strategic vision, FNS is also known for his lack of communication and coordination. He often fails to properly communicate with his team and coordinate their actions, which can lead to confusion and disarray on the battlefield.

Overall, FNS's poor leadership skills and lack of strategic vision make him one of the worst in-game leaders in professional Valorant. He is a liability to his team, and he is often a key reason for their defeats in matches.


FNS's aiming is ahead of his time

His aim is primarily anti-strafing based

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