Sunday, May 17th
Date tentative; match time TBD
Patch 0.50
  • Walking accuracy no longer granted when transitioning from run to stop
  • Buffed Rifle recovery times
  • Buffed Machine Guns (Ares, Odin)
  • Sage Slow Orb, Cyber Cage and Spycam nerfs
  • Omen Dark Cover and Viper Snake Bite buffs
  • B-hopping through area denial abilities now takes damage
  • Increased credit cost of Sage Barrier Orb, Raze Blast Pack, Phoenix Curveball, Brimstone Incendiary
  • Reduced credit cost of Jett Updraft
  • Agent armor from previous round no longer destroyed on purchasing new armor
  • Credit cap reduced from 12k to 9
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forfeited by StartedFromCS
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