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Composition Talk: Both teams had nearly mirror and standard comp for BIND; Giants having chamber instead of fade. (OPINION: I think a initiator heavy comp is necessary for the BIND as it has small entries, and if Queso shows discipline of clearing angles where OP can be holded then should get good entries.)

Round 1: Rotation by Giants I think was slow even when they checked showers and no one was there, they didn't rotate and there was good enough pressure on B site. Nice proactive push by Queso in elbow to Giants off-guard.(Note: Nice lurk wall by Queso viper that I think kept Giants doubting late A push.)

Round 2: The dog and haunt set-up used by Queso with the viper wall covering U-hall was nice to clear our close right cubby. Good fundamentals by Queso clearing every angles, knowing where peaks can come from.

Round 3: Just really nice hold by Giants. This time rotation from A to B was fast. Kiles goes insane.(Eco-Fragger JK)

Round 4: Really nice flash combo Raze sachel and sky flash to take control of Showers by Queso. Nice patience by Queso. Sky dogging before peaking out of showers even against 3v5.

Round 5: Good fake try by Queso to just hold the enemy in showers long enough to slow down rotation and take B. Bad peak by Queso Sky with the ult, He also had a flash but just wide peaked with Ult. Queso viper: Bounce the snakebite of the wall to clear that; that was it's easier to be accurate. Just coz he didn't get it cleared fade feels close cubby is clear. Nice lurk by brim. (Opinion: I think Giants viper wall is bad considering they have brim on A, B LONG was free angle because of which kiles died, they should either rotate controller positions or user wall or orb to cover B LONG also. You can't leave it open and wait for brim to come and smoke.)

Round 6: You can't just leave B long open like that without anything. If you had Operator then you can let it slide for once but otherwise it's just easy Queso to come to site.

Round 7: Really nice timeout and call by the coach I think to change the wall and cover B LONG. Nice flashes by Queso sky. Giants remained calm in retake clearing every angle. (OPINION: Queso viper overextended in the U hall I think that lost them the round.)

Round 8: Eco nothing much to talk bout.

Round 9: Finally Op in B long but I still think wall would be better. Really nice call by Queso IGL to just walk up (otherwise known as doing an OPTIC). Again overextending by Queso viper.

Round 10: Eco same nothing much to expect. I don't like the shower push against an eco.

Round 11: Nice flank but you have the viper you can't lose 2v1 just like that. I think kiles should've peeked with sky flash in u hall but small nit pick. In 3v5 you have to take chances.

Round 12: Bad peak by Giants chamber obviously both angles would have player. Not like u guys were at disadvantage that you had to make a risky play like that. Queso fade got unlucky timing. Pls 3v2 peak together pls.

That's my First half analysis. I'll do the Second Half later today.

(Sorry if I made any naming mistakes, please do correct me)


I haven't watched the game but great analysis man


pretty good game, Giants looks solid but im looking forward to their franchised roster


Thanks for the kind words.


Second-Half analysis:

Round 13: Nice shower control strats by Giants and Queso, I think they had GiantsVOD reviewed or it's just their protocol but nice control. I don't like the 4 man stack afterwards by Queso even when they heard the dog long . In a pistol round on 6-6 they don't have to take risk of 4 stacking a site. Queso gave easy control to A site because of the bold call of 4stack.

Round 14: Just good hold, expecting for a push clearing angles, nice attack by Giants.

Round 15: Really like that Queso fighting for shower control. Queso viper again overextending(a jump peak should be fine there or atleast peak with someone or some util from raze or fade).

Round 16: Queso if you're doing the B LONG smoke then don't let it go to waste take control or atleast try to take control with smoke. I still don't understand why B long or Hookah is not smoked by brim. No entries are smoked against that push.

Round 17: You can't expect sky to push alone. This time Queso smoked hookah and took control B long with aggressiveness; and it rewarded. Nice holding by Queso. Giants I think should've jumped out together out of hookah smoke instead of giving freebies.

Round 18: Alone peak by Fade who had prowler and haunt. You have to expect a walk up push, that viper set-up is meant to be used like that. Really nice patience by Giants; they didn't panicked calmed down checked angles, I would like if they put someone else with the sky to push long.

Round 19: Really nice information gathering by Giants. Knowing fade prowlered showers meaning they might feel A safer. Nice patience to wait for everyone to come. Everything went great but Queso viper's nice lurk using orb.

Round 20: Risky walking up hookah like that but nice double peak by Giants. Nice patience afterwards to clear hookah by dog; no overpeaking by Giants. Nice call to rotate also. Queso just got outsmarted this round. I like the ult investment to secure the round by Giants, shows they think round by round without getting distracted by future.

Round 21: Idk how Giants chamber got that kill but unlucky I guess. I just don't understand the peaks by Queso fade sometimes even when he expects the OPer to be there.

Match Summary: All in all good match. Some overpeaking by the side of Queso in some situations which costed the round. Both teams went for heavy showers control. Queso had time holding A main push, They should either get chamber in instead of fade to get quick kills. Or something unorthodox but I'd love to see is Kay/0 coz he can kill those viper lurks so well for Queso

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