Riot and Freaks 4U Gaming have undertaken a severe overhaul of the Valorant Champions Tour for Europe, Turkey, and CIS's Stage 2.

Previously consisted of three Challengers weekends leading to a regional Masters event, EMEA's Stage 2 will only include two Challengers weekends, with the top teams of each smaller region qualifying for the bigger EMEA Challengers Playoffs. From there, the winner and runner-up from the regional EMEA Playoffs will be drafted into the Stage 2 Masters int Reykjavik.

Europe and Turkey will retain a fully open format, with no invites being handed out. All teams will be required to qualify to the Challengers main events. For Europe, the finalists of each of those main events will then guarantee themselves a place in the EMEA Challengers Playoffs. Turkey's format follows similarly, however the first main event will seed two teams, with the following main event seeding a third to the EMEA Playoffs.

The Challengers events in Europe will still hold the same prize purse of $35,000 USD, with a more top-heavy spread due to the move to a single-elimination bracket for playoffs.

CIS has the most unique format out of the three regions for the Stage 2, with only one slot in the EMEA Playoffs up for grabs. While the first Challengers is completely open, it won't hand out slots at the EMEA Challengers Playoffs. The top 4 of the first weekend will then be invited to the second Challengers, joined by four qualified teams to then fight it out for a single spot at the Playoffs. Both CIS and Turkey will feature $18,000 USD prize pools for their playoffs.

The EMEA Challengers Playoffs will feature eight teams from the whole EMEA region, copying the format used at the first Masters events in Europe. Two groups of four teams will play in a GSL format, with the top 4 then moving to a Bo3 single-elimination bracket, finishing it up in a Bo5 final.

The two best teams in the EMEA Challengers Playoffs are awarded with two slots at the global Masters Reykjavik event. The EMEA Challengers Playoffs will feature a €85,500 EUR (~$101,504 USD) prize pool, with a €32,500 EUR (~$38,583 USD) first place prize.