The Japanese organisation Crazy Raccoon, known its showings in the Fortnite World Cup and Apex Legends, is now committing to Valorant by recruiting four former BAKEMON players.

Crazy Raccoon
この度、Tonbo, Zepher, Rion, Medusaが新設されました、Valorant部門に加入したことを発表致します。

引き続き、Crazy Raccoonを宜しくお願い致します!


The Japanese trio of rion, Tombo and zepher as well as the Korean Medusa, who notably played for T1 in Fortnite, will join the Crazy Raccoon roster.

The squad was last seen in action during the inaugural RAGE Invitational where they played under the BAKEMON banner and finished third with the help of Arius, behind LAG GAMING and the winners Absolute JUPITER. Tonbo and zepher had also previously competed and won the Twitch Rivals Launch Showdown Japan while playing on Team sabagod2.

Crazy Raccoon is looking for their last player to finish the team. You can apply through this form.

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