Alter Ego Celestè Alter Ego Celestè Asia-Pacific Rank #82 Alluka Tiara Pleno Eisberg July Kusuma enerii Odella Abraham Ayumiii Nurul Aini nabbsky have added former Nigma Galaxy Female Nigma Galaxy Female Inactive player Tiara "Alluka" Pleno to their roster ahead of VCT APAC Game Changers Elite.

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Guess who is our newest Valorant Ladies player? 😁👍
Yep! yep! yep! Welcome to the team, Alluka! 🤩🤩🤩

Alluka spent more than a year with the NGX roster and was a part of the line-up with which the team qualified for the Elite event through APAC Game Changers Overtime. The organization terminated the players' contracts in August and all the players have been free agents since. AECL have not lost a single match or map to the NGX roster.

Alluka will be joining as a replacement for oreopheliaa , who left AECL two months ago and joined Orangutan Female Orangutan Female Asia-Pacific Unranked Lax Chloettw Chloe Wong CaspeR Neha Sottany Japips Kachow oreopheliaa Risalma Agnia Sway . According to AECL's head coach Danial "RedKoh" Hakim, Alluka will be their primary Jett player for Elite. He further commented:

“Alluka is the most energetic and hyped player on the team. Despite her language barrier with the rest of the team, she talks the most and gives positive vibes."

The winner of the upcoming VCT Game Changers APAC Elite tournament will become APAC's sole representative in the international Game Changers Championship in November.

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