Timing Monster Gaming Timing Monster Gaming Asia-Pacific Rank #5 benaf Benedict Tan Xue Yu Moosey Yeow Zhen Feng ERRRRA Chia Wai Yong lenne Lim You Xiang Lionel FANE Donovan Chia has been disqualified from SEA Masters following an investigation into Tyler "Juicy" James. Team SMG Team SMG Asia-Pacific Rank #7 Egoist Javier Chua JdFaker Joshua Fok ZesBeeW Sha Mohtar falfalfal Alex Cheang LEXY Jun Hao Xavier will replace the team in the Masters tournament.

ESL Asia
Official Announcement regarding VCT Stage 1 - Regional Masters SEA

@TeamSMGofficial will be the Singapore/Malaysia representative at the upcoming Masters this weekend.

Juicy has been banned by Riot from all Valorant Champions Tour events after the player's account was permanently banned by Vanguard, Valorant's anti-cheat software.

This follows a previous ruling disqualifying Juicy from participation due to age restrictions.

Juicy has released a Tweet maintaining his innocence.

The result of Timing Monster Gaming's most recent match against Team SMG will be overturned, granting SMG a default win and a slot in the upcoming SEA Masters set for later this week.