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a big problem with the franchising especially when people have been talking about apac recently is that there won't be enough teams and representation. I'm not sure if this would be viable or even be a good solution but here's an idea

Riot does partnership with 10-12 teams while the league for each region has a total of 16-20 teams that regularly play in the league and at the same location, The rest of the league is comprised of non-partnership teams that aren't supported by riot and maybe get in through some sort of tier 2 circuit. This way there is still a way for tier 2 orgs and teams to make it and a way where under represented regions can get into the league which gives incentives for tier 2 orgs to stay. Partnered orgs still have an incentive to stay because they are supported by riot.

again, I'm not a reporter nor an insider, I'm not associated with riot, I don't know if this is a good idea, just wanna give my 2 cents cause franchising and partnership might really negatively affect my region (apac and thailand) and I really don't want that to happen


They’re more likely to just make 16-20 partnered spots but its not happening anyway sadly


I would hope that they have some sort of structured tier 2 scene to keep the game as a whole alive in the pros. I actually like the idea of having a few extra slots for teams that can promote or relegate through a VRL style league to be in tier 1.

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