My idea of a better bracket for masters

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1st of all, LATAM and Brazil becomes a single region and works like APAC qualify(different amounts of teams from different region) and get 3 slots total. This way we don't get to see actually decent teams like loud get grouped just because of a bad day

2nd of all, instead of the top seed going directly to playoffs, there will instead be 4 groups with 3 teams each. The lower seeded/minor region teams will face off each other before the winner advancing to face off the top seeded major region teams in the upper bracket and the loser going into the lower bracket. The loser of that matchup will go into the lower brackets. After the 2 lower bracket team face off in the lower bracket, the winning team advances to meet the team in the upper bracket while the loser gets eliminated. After that, the 2 remaining teams will fight again and the winner ascending to playoffs while the loser gets eliminated. There will be 4 teams left in playoffs and these 4 teams will be randomly seeded to play a double elimination bracket to determine the champions of masters.


1st idea god
2nd idea bad


1st idea good(just i dont understand why sa gets 25% of the slots in champs while na and emea only get 3 each)
2nd idea bs (just stop)


1st idea is really solid (although I'm not sure how fair it is for South America having more slots than NA with past results)
2nd idea is just kinda weird, I don't think there's a better format available really with 12 teams, it would just be much easier to increase it to 16 teams and then run a different format


yeah 16 teams 4 groups with 4 teams no skipping group bs


"LATAM and Brazil becomes a single region" L + too much text

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