Long have we waited, but it's finally here. Valorant's first ever LAN with an audience begins July 10. Twelve teams have fought in each of the VCT regions' circuits and have converged in Copenhagen to represent their region, in Valorant's first ever touchdown in Denmark for Masters Copenhagen.

Unlike last year, the final Masters tournament of the year will not award the winner a Champions slot. Masters Copenhagen's champion will instead receive 1000 VCT points. VLR.gg has compiled everything you need to know about the upcoming 14-day competition.


Of the 12 teams competing, four have received a bye to the playoffs. XSET XSET North America Rank #5 Cryocells Matthew Panganiban dephh Rory Jackson zekken Zachary Patrone AYRIN Jordan He BcJ Brendan Jensen , FNATIC FNATIC Europe Rank #6 Enzo Enzo Mestari Derke Nikita Sirmitev Boaster Jake Howlett Mistic James Orfila Alfajer Emir Ali Beder , Paper Rex Paper Rex Asia-Pacific Rank #5 mindfreak Aaron Leonhart Jinggg Wang Jing Jie f0rsakeN Jason Susanto Benkai Benedict Tan d4v41 Khalish Rusyaidee , and Leviatán Leviatán Latin America South Rank #18 Tacolilla Vicente Compagnon Melser Marco Eliot Machuca Amaro adverso Benjamín Poblete kiNgg Francisco Aravena Shyy Fabian Usnayo have been considered top seeded teams and will get automatically placed into the playoffs.

The other eight will participate in a GSL group stage format, with two groups of four teams. The groups are as follows:

Group A

Group B

The two best teams from Group A and Group B will move the playoffs. They'll join up with other four for an eight-team double-elimination bracket. Each of the top-seeded teams will face a groups team in the opening round, and teams from the same group will be placed on opposing sides of the bracket. Every match will be Bo3, while the lower bracket final and grand final will be Bo5.

Prize Pool

While Riot have not revealed the monetary prize up for grabs, the following VCT points will be distributed:

  • 1st: 1000 VCT points
  • 2nd: 750 VCT points
  • 3rd: 500 VCT points
  • 4th: 400 VCT points
  • 5th-6th: 300 VCT points
  • 7th-8th: 250 VCT points
  • 9th-10th: 200 VCT points
  • 11th-12th: 150 VCT points


Sunday, July 10

Monday, July 11

Tuesday, July 12

  • 6:00 AM PDT | 3:00 PM CEST | 10:00 PM JST - Group B: Winner's Match
  • 9:00 AM PDT | 6:00 PM CEST | 1:00 AM JST - Group B: Loser's Match
  • 12:00 PM PDT | 9:00 PM CEST | 4:00 AM JST - Group A: Loser's Match

Wednesday, July 13

  • 8:00 AM PDT | 5:00 PM CEST | 12:00 AM JST - Group B: Decider
  • 11:00 AM PDT | 8:00 PM CEST | 3:00 AM JST - Group A: Decider

Thursday, July 14

Friday, July 15

Saturday, July 16

Sunday, July 17

Monday, July 18

Dark Days: Tuesday, July 19 - Thursday, July 21

Friday, July 22

Saturday, July 23

Sunday, July 24

  • 8:00 AM PDT | 5:00 PM CEST | 12:00 AM JST - Grand Final

JST times past midnight refer to the following day.

English Broadcast Talent

  • Yinsu Collins (Host)
  • Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez (Host)
  • Lauren "Pansy" Scott (Commentator)
  • Michael "hypoc" Robins (Commentator)
  • Tom "Tombizz" Bissmire (Commentator)
  • Mitch "MitchMan" McBride (Commentator)
  • Doug "EsportsDoug" Cortez (Commentator)
  • Arten "Ballatw" Esa (Commentator)
  • Brennon "Bren" Hook (Commentator)
  • Josh "Sideshow" Wilkinson (Commentator)
  • Mimi "aEvilcat" Wermcrantz (Commentator)
  • Jessica "Jess" Bolden (Commentator)
  • David "prius" Kuntz (Observer)
  • Heather "sapphiRe" Garozzo (Observer)
  • Nicholas "Yehty" Tesolin (Observer)
  • Felix "Synga" Regitz (Observer)



VLR.gg is covering all of Masters Copenhagen in our event hub, which includes our live match ticker and stats to comb over. The event also features PickEm's.